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   Genesa Crystal Dynamics: A General Systems -
education, spiritual growth & healing, creativity
, agriculture, business


GENESA Crystal Model System has been applications in many fields.  From it’s beginning in agricultural hybridization research, GENESA general systems theory is also taught in business creative problem solving formats, and gifted education programs, opening creative solutions from learning to see reality from the inside out viewpoint..

  Genesa life size crystals are powerful antennas for setting and broadcasting the power of Intention and prayer, raising life force energy.  Used as a responsible spiritual growth meditation tool, Genesa step-in crystals may bring about healing, and raise kundalini energy.  

See the  Resources for individual resources.   

We are interested in Short Articles for each of the following sections.  If you are working in any of these or another field, please contact us for inclusion here.


Sacred Geometry:

Therapeutic Healing:

Vibrational Medicine:

Business applications:

Creativity Enhancement:

Personal & Spiritual Growth:

Agriculture - farm and garden:

Multi-Dimensional Mathematic



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