Genesa Forms

Cube Sphere

This is the standard teaching model which shows
the cube of life the first 3 cell divisions of life, making 8 cells (four over four). It expresses the dynamic balance of the:

  • 6 faces
    8 corners
    12 edges and
    3 planes

A Original Line Drawing by Jim Shroads,1978; adapted for color & web by Nancy K. Baumgarten, 2000 – 2018



Diamond 4
(Harmony Sphere)
(curved vector equilibrium)

The Diamond 4 expresses dynamic balance of 4 planes. The cube is implied in this model- the corners of the cube extends outward from the triangles, and the faces are represented by the square sections.
Dr. Kay Bruch demonstrating directions in the Harmony Sphere at the Enchanted Forest Intuitive Arts Camp, 1999, Asheville, NC

Dr. Kay Bruch swinging on the symmetry plane
in the Harmony sphere,
(~ 2000, Asheville, NC




Cube Seven

Expresses dynamic balance on seven expressed planes and cube.

Nancy Baumgarten (slightly pregnant!) pumping the faces. Incidentally, she is facing south, having chosen to use the alternate (feminine reciprocal) position while pregnant.
(1985, Albuquerque, N.M.)










LOVE Crystal

A very large and extremely powerful crystal .  

Grady Keaton demonstrating the Love Crystal at Kay Bruch’s house.
(1983, Athens, Georgia.)








Variations created by Langham

seen here with Tina Langham, spiraling the corners in a ? Unnamed shape…











 Very large scale variation of a Diamond 4

Demonstrated by Lisa Langham









Ray Langham  in a Cube sphere,











Derald Langham, spiraling the implied corners in another large scale Diamond 4 or Harmony crystal (The harmony plane is expressed in a Diamond 4, and in the Cube 7, but implied in the Cube 4 (also just called the cube sphere).