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Past Events:

Saturday, May14, 2005 1 to 2 PM EDT
Luke Gatto and Jim Shroads presented a FREE one hour telephone conference conversation discussing GENESA
It was really great and I hope we have more soon!
contact: Luke Gatto at [email protected]


Call if you want an event or workshop scheduled in your area!
(and let us know of yours to include here)
See sample Genesa Fest below.

July 18-22, 2001
Introductory Session for children and parents at
Enchanted Forest Intuitive Camp, North Carolina, USA

June 2002:

(Kay got sickand it did not happen – SO sad for Tina and GENESA)
GENESA Presentation at
Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI)
Buffalo, New York
Dr. Catherine B. Bruch, EdD and Tina Langham Smith
Creative Education Foundation,
1050 Union Road #4, Buffalo, NY 14224
800-447-2774 EMAIL: [email protected]


Previous: National Genesa Fest October 20 – 22, 2000
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The Appalachian GENEA chapter of the GENESA FOUNDATION
hosted the
National Genesa Fest
October 20 – 22, 2000

with guests: Tina Langham Smith, Master Practitioner since childhood,
Rendell Leathem, mathematician extraordinaire
Gus Jacacci, author “General Periodicity: Nature’s Creative Dynamics”
and other national Genesans….
for reconnections & explorations, Kay Bruch gave a wonderful Beginner’s class
Asheville, North Carolina
WE created quite an agenda for the new Millennium and look forward to everyone participating in developing the directions for education and other research….

Fri, 3:00pm-5:00pm. Beginner’s Course & Refresher
color, orientation and movements within crystal (awareness from within vs.from without)
Friday evening Get-together
Organic Cassarole catered by Elizabeth Ur.
9:00am registration
9:30am Dance Meditation
and refresher with Tina Langham Smith
Genesa Community
sharing personal interests and background in Genesa
Rendell Leathem; David Driver; Karen Agne; Gus Jacacci; Nathan Smith
Group dialogues
on areas of potential futures’ – research/study and applications.
Music and GENESA: with Richard Schulman
11:00am Brunch and Dialogue at Laughing Seed,
Asheville’s Vegetarian restaurant: GENESA Possibilities 2000 Plus
Open Discussions: Therapeutic Healing; Educational uses; Multi-dimensionalities; Social Planning; Nature of Time; Futures?

Kay Bruch, Ed.D. (UCLA), retired Professor of Educational Psychology(Gifted and Creative Education) from University of Georgia. She has taught workshops and graduate university courses on GENESA . Kay has published papers about Genesa, some co-authored with Dr. Langham.
Nancy K. Baumgarten, MLA, landscape architect, Orbital Calendar maker, Director of the Enchanted Forest Intuitive Camp, and former student of Dr. Bruch’s.

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Contact the Appalachian GENEA for details:
Nancy 828-689-9710